About Us

Consultancy for Self Builders 
Future-proofing your life – the right place to be the person you want to be.

I was introduced to the Self-builders Centre in Swindon several years ago when I decided that I want to build a house. It’s a long-term plan but I still intend to do it one day. I am gathering as much knowledge as possible while plot searching for my own self-build healthy home. I love natural building and really appreciate, as an occupational therapist, the sense of achievement when making something oneself. I have great admiration for those I meet who are building or living in the house they have built for themselves!

I have spent many years working with people with a variety of disabilities, helping to build and adapt properties to meet their needs and move them from hospital settings to their own homes. Discovering what people want out of life and life-planning with them to achieve this was all part of the process.

I’ve worked in the community with people who need housing adaptations, including stair lifts and bathroom adaptations, often provided through Disabled Facilities Grants.

I became very aware that people who plan ahead can make the most of life and remain in control of where and how they live for the rest of their lives.

Having met many inspirational people and seen how they have found solutions to problems, learnt from their mistakes and shared their triumphs (and failures!) I realised that self-builders are in a unique position.

I am keen to help others make good use of my experiences, helping people to plan imaginatively, giving you the information so that you can make informed decisions for a sustainable future.